Transformation: Doctors Free 3-Year-Old From 5 Pound Tumor – See How She Looks Today

Unfortunately, life was not easy for the 3-year-old Melyssa Delgado Braga, from São Paulo, Brazil, who was born with a serious disability.  Yet, her parents were determined to help their daughter get the life she deserved and fought until they found a solution to their problem.

However, this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for a few strangers with hearts of gold. Soon after her birth, a tumor was discovered on the chin on the little girl, and even though it wasn’t benign, it caused severe health issued.

The girl was three and it could not talk or walk properly. Over time, it became too big and affected her bloodstream. The girl started weakening and felt constantly tired.

Her immune system became too weak, so her parents, 21-year-old Carol and 25-year-old Papa Manasses, became desperate.

They couldn’t find a good doctor to provide the medical care the girl needed. The hospitals are overcrowded, understaffed, and it was hard to get an appointment with the doctor.

Melissa’s parents became impatient and frustrated, as the tumor was growing in size, and they couldn’t just wait to see what will happen next. They felt guilty and decided to take matters into their own hands.

They started researching online and started a website which revealed the story of their daughter. Their aim was to find a way to raise enough money for a treatment in the U.S. with the help of other people.

This eventually paid off. The Brazilian doctor Celso Palmieri, responsible for facial surgeries, happened to stumble upon Melyssa’s story and was touched by the unfortunate destiny.

One day, he called her parents, and together with his colleague, Dr. Ghali, who works at the Shreveport Hospital in Louisiana,  flew the entire family to the United States for the treatment.

Since the medical procedures were painful and long, Melyssa needed her family by her side. Moreover, Willis-Knighton Health System, a non-profit healthcare organization, paid all costs for the treatment and the travel expenses.

Melyssa’s parents were astonished. As her mother told The Daily Express,

“We were desperate to save our daughter’s life. Surgeons in Brazil told us our Melyssa was going to die because the treatment they wanted to give her would be too much for her weakened immune system.”

When doctors saw the girl for the first time, they were shocked due to the size of the tumor, which attacked her teeth and jaw, so the operation had to be much more difficult than they expected.

Yet, the day of the surgery came, and the chances of survival of the little girl were at stake. After 8 hours, doctors succeeded to remove the 5 pounds of tumor tissue, and the girl was given another chance for a happy life.

She had a big scar on the face, but she was thrilled when she saw herself in the mirror. After a few weeks, she could eat on her own, and her situation significantly improved.

She will need to attend regular medical visits in the next 10 years to make sure that the tumor would never return. This will cost a lot, but nonprofit organizations promised to help the family all the way until she is fully recovered.

The hope and efforts of this brave child, her parents, experienced physicians, and all those that helped them, made a miracle.

We can make miracles if we are together as one, and help all those in need.