Tourist Gets Dose Of Instant Karma After Picking Up Baby Shark For Selfie

Even though Brazil is famous by its long, sandy beaches spread across the city’s coastline, there are plenty of dangers that come with spending a day on the beach and acting reckless.

A tourist found this out the hard way, after she found a baby shark and decided to take a picture with it. Then the shark bit her so hard, that her fellow traveler needed to give her assistance so the lemon shark would let go.

The accident happened at the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, after which the woman let go of the animal in the ocean and mended her wound. She even got four stiches to remember her recklessness.

Being a baby shark does not mean the animal is harmless. Sharks become independent very early on, and can bite pretty rigidly if they feel they’re at risk.

However, the woman wanted to do a good thing and release the animal back because it was an endangered species. But, she and her co-traveler were ultimately fined for using the animal to have a little photo session.

In Brazil, there are signs on every beach, warning the people of possible shark presence in the area. The woman clearly disregarded all indications of a risk and went for it, trying to snap a good Instagram story.

Nature is never a thing to play around with, and its cycle needs to be respected. Still, we are humans, and we usually think we own everything, which results in freaky accidents like this one.

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