Study Shows the More You Hang out with Your Mom, the Longer She’ll Live

Nowadays, we deal with stress and problems on a daily basis, and it seems that back home is the best place to find the needed peace, protection, comfort, and love.

Having a strong bond with the parents and grandparents is extremely beneficial in life, and studies have shown that it improves both, our mental and physical health.

Researchers have found that death and disability are not just biological, but it can also result from psychological factors like loneliness, even if it only indicates the lack of meaningful connection with people you love.

Feeling isolated aggravates everyday life, and might even reduce mobility.

Participants older than 60 who felt lonely were at an increased risk of health decline and death. Additionally, a study conducted at the University of California that involved 1600 participants found that the effect of loneliness might affect life expectancy even more than other aspects of health.

The findings of two studies performed with 5th and 6th graders indicate that children who had a secure relationship with their mother had more friends, were more responsive and accepted by their peers, and felt less lonely than others.

Another study which analyzed the relationship between parents and their adult children showed that the negative experiences caused irritation, stressful thoughts, and negative emotions.

Therefore, make sure you spend some quality time with your family, as it will boost your positivity, improve your mental health, and lead to better health and wellbeing.