Studies Say Only 1% of People Can Spot the Animal in the Picture. Are You One of Them?

Art has numerous tendencies, but its desire to hide and deceive sis among the most prominent ones. The artists often have a purpose to add mental exercise to their piece of art and enhance its meaning and value.

Similarly, the popular “duck-rabbit” by Wittgenstein served as an explanation of the difference between “seeing as” and “seeing that”.

Such pictures can reveal a lot about our own characteristics, so psychologists often use art to study personalities.

This picture is an illusion that is said to be scientifically found to be solved within 2 minutes by only 1% of the population. It quickly went viral on the social media as soon as it was published.

It looks like an old man wearing a Scottish hat, but only a very few people can spot an animal there. Can you see it now? Look it again.

Here are some hints t help you:

-Isn’t the nose of the man a bit strange?

-Eyes cannot be that symmetrical, can they?

-Look at his left ear. It looks like some other organs of the human body more.

-Can you spot the strange symmetry in the hairline?

Did you finally see it?

The final hint is extremely simple: Just turn the picture upside-down!

The big reveal:

There is a sweet little puppy sitting on a carpet with diagonal stripes, chewing on a bone!

If you spotted the puppy right away, it means that your eyes are in a good shape, and you focus on details and are very attentive.

Moreover, it signifies that you are still in touch with your childish side, as children are more observant to fractals and patterns, and easily spot unordinary shapes and objects.

Quite accurate, isn’t it?