Snorting a Single Line of Cocaine Permanently Alters Your Brain

Apparently, cocaine causes a permanent physical damage to the brain.

Cocaine is a highly illegal drug worldwide, but millions of people use this ‘party drug’ recreationally, and believe that since it is not as addictive as other hard drugs, it does not harm the body.

This makes it especially popular among the younger generations.

However, newest research has found that snorting a line of cocaine permanently changes the brain.

The study was conducted by the University of East Anglia, and discovered that even a single dose of cocaine physically changes the reward part of the brain, meaning that future stressful events can cause a relapse.

According to Dr. Peter McCormick from the School of Pharmacy:

“Relapse among cocaine addicts is a major problem. We wanted to find out what causes it.

We showed that cocaine disrupts the interaction between receptors and these changes could increase the risk of relapse under stressful conditions.

Importantly, we identify a potential mechanism for protection against such relapse. Although our study is in rodents, the same receptors have been shown to impact human stress and drug addiction.”

These findings indicate that the use of cocaine, even sporadically, can lead to addiction issues in the later life. Addiction is a huge problem, particularly in the U.S. since the country fights against a serious opioid crisis.