Being Positive And Encouraging Positivity in The Workplace

Gallup conducted a study which involved 80,000 interviews with managers who were asked 12 questions which were indicators of high performance, and the findings showed that the ones that performed best answered a few of the questions positively.

These managers caused high productivity and enjoyment among the employees by being aware of their motivation while having mastery and autonomy.

The staff requires investment, but companies that keep their employees motivated can boast with effective work and organization. People working in these companies have their voice heard, so they feel useful while working.

Here is how to bring positive psychology to your workplace:

  1. Mentoring

Monitoring staff is crucial for their development and the productive and creative environment at the workplace. It promotes professional development, stimulates reflection, supports self-confidence, and strengthens the positive relationships between employees.

  1. Regular Feedback

Employees are more productive and engaged if they receive regular feedback.  The employees feel appreciated when their employers speak with them openly and regularly. The clear and transparent feedback makes the staff develop mastery and autonomy.

  1. Team Spirit

Being united and integrated with the colleagues is of the highest importance, so the team spirit will stimulate even better results of the tasks done. Your success is determined by the relationships between the employees and the strength of the team spirit in the company.

  1. Empowerment

People who heard and appreciated at work perform their tasks more efficiently and they are motivated by the creativity at the workplace due to the high degree of empowerment.

The way the business work can be literally revolutionized by the Web and innovative tools like the app-based workforce management systems. The communication between the employees and the employer is enhanced if the staff chooses when and what they want to work.

  1. Exercise

Scientists have found that the performance is significantly boosted by regular exercise in the workplace, regardless if it is lunchtime yoga or after work cycle club.

Studies conducted at Ohio State University in the USA indicate that low-impact yoga improved mindfulness in employees by 10 percent and reduced stress by up to 11 percent. Moreover, group exercise is excellent for team building.

Remember- positivity is as contagious as negativity. Therefore, bringing positiveness at the workplace will bring about positive energy only. In such an environment where the employer and the employees are both satisfied, the results will be drastically better.