People With Anxiety Disorders are Hiding These 5 Superpowers (Backed by Science)

Anxiety is a scary and confusing issue, and people who suffer from it perceive the reality in a different way, which creates a feeling of being overwhelmed with the pressures they face daily.

Yet, this disorder has its advantages as well, and apparently, anxious people have certain personality traits that are rare these days.

Anxious people will relate to these idiosyncrasies:

  1. An increased IQ

Studies have found a link between anxiety disorders and high IQ, so the saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ is once more confirmed, as intelligent people worry a lot more in life.

  1. A life-saving instinct

Anxious people pay attention to all details so they are intuitive and predict thins easily. They have a quick mind that helps them to react fast.

  1. An ability to see through lies

People with anxiety disorders are never fooled by liars, as they are highly realistic and see through the lies.

  1. Increased empathy

They empathize with people, and try to help people whenever they can. They are excellent listeners and will try their best to solve the problem of the others.

  1. They sense the energy of others

These people are highly sensitive and easily recognize the energy of other people, both positive and negative. They seek for souls similar to theirs and almost instantly after the contact see which people are worth avoiding.