Why The Older You Get, The More You Hate Everyone (And Why That`s OK)

When we are young, we have a large circle of friends, as we are more sociable, and spend most of our time with them. At that time, we believe that they will stay at our side until the end, and regard them as non-blood relatives.

Yet, over time, everyone seems to leave, and find their smaller circle of close people.

This is completely alright unless they leave you broken in pieces and disappointed to the point that you avoid making friends easily, and even start feeling hate.

Yet, as unpleasant as it may sound, it is simply OK!

As we grow older, we just stop tolerating people that much, and we are not willing to put up with all of it. While young, we often embarrass ourselves and make other people’s interests our priority in order to strengthen the bond or make new friends.

This is actually the cause of bad friendships, as these relationships are highly toxic. This ends when we are mature, as we are ready to walk away if it doesn’t work, even if it means losing a friend.

Older people are no longer interested in making new friends, even though they do not stop being friendly.

They are just aware that not all people are worth their trust, as they are mainly self-serving, and they do not genuinely care about you.  This is a painful experience, but afterward, it is an eye-opening episode in life.

This promotes yourself on the pedestal in your life, and focus on yourself, instead of the opinions of others about you. You no longer please others before you please yourself.

This means the end of many friendships, but it will definitely keep your family and real friends still beside you.

Source: seizepositivity.com