Eye Opener: New Science Suggests Alzheimer’s Disease is “Foodborne”

Researchers are constantly trying to find an effective way to stop the effects of Alzheimer’s, but the reason for its onset is still unknown. It is known that it is caused by the accumulation of a certain protein in the brain, but they need to find out the reason for developing the disease.

The protein TDP-43 attacks the brain in a similar way as in the case of Mad Cow and Chronic Wasting Disease.

According to Scientific American:

“Prions are misshapen yet durable versions of proteins normally present in nerve cells that cause like proteins to misfold and clump together, starting a chain reaction that eventually consumes entire brain regions.

In the past 15 years, scientists have learned that such a process may be at work not only in mad cow and other exotic diseases but also in major neurodegenerative disorders…”

About 25-30% Alzheimer’s patients have TDP-43 pathology, which is believed to be a result of the loss of neurons in the brain which leads to memory loss.

People come into contact with these proteins through contaminated meat, especially via confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). In such environments, the animals are mistreated and exploited, which causes a sub-standard kind of meat which poses various health risks.

Such poor standards are common on numerous cattle farms, unfortunately, and experts believe that Mad Cow disease originates from these (CAFO) environments. Furthermore, cows are fed with GMO grains which are loaded with antibiotics.

There are striking similarities between the ways the brain is attacked in the case of Alzheimer’s and Mad Cow disease, and in both diseases, the TDP-43 protein is present.

This just fortifies the link and might open new perspectives in the research of this disease and its possible treatment.

Source: realfarmacy.com