If You Ever Feel Sad, These 10+ Highland Cattle Calves Will Make You Smile

Have you ever been in love with a baby animal before? Well, buckle up because you’re going to be crushing big time once again on these mazing furballs.

Yes, we’re talking about calves!

There is something so tenacious, playful, cheerful and enchanting about calves and no one can deny it. These munchkins have their mama cow and papa bull to thank for the good looks. Talk about temperament, though!

These devilish, joyful and precious babies will sweep you off your feet and will forever capture your heart. Their furry coat is actually a double layer of delightful locks. The calves are ‘designed’ this way to endure the low temperatures in the Highlands, an area known for its pouring rains and chilly winds.

Knowing how adorable they are, we prepared a little surprise for you today.

Below, find a gallery of calves images bound to enlighten your day and make you smile. Enjoy!