The Essential Oil That Removes Parasites From Your Body

Bitter almonds are a bit broader and shorter in shape than sweet almonds, and the bitter essential oil is made from them. This essential oil has powerful diuretic, sedative, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

It is used externally, as it can be toxic if used in high dosages internally, due to the hydrogen cyanide, benzaldehyde and glycoside amygdalin it contains. Moreover, avoid it in the case of serious illnesses, and do not give it to older people, babies, and children.

It offers multiple medicinal properties, and here are its most important health uses:

  1. Kills Bacteria

Bitter almond essential oil destroys bacterial and viral infections since it contains hydrogen, cyanide, and benzaldehyde.

  1. Sedative

The toxic compound glycosine amygdalin numbs the pain by making the nerves insensitive, and thus this oil relieves joint and muscle pain.

  1. Kills Fungi

Bitter almond essential oil lowers a fever and prevents the growth of infections due to bacteria, viruses or protozoa.

  1. Purgative

This essential oil can be used in small amounts to purge the body. Yet, to avoid severe adverse effects, use it in low and mild dosages.

  1. Kills Worms

The internal use of this oil in low dosages kills intestinal worms due to its bitterness and toxic nature.

     6. Treats Earaches

Bitter almond oil is a natural method to relieve ear infections as it has potent sedative and pain-relieving properties. It clears the blockage of the ear and softens ear wax. Just drop a tablespoon of warm bitter almond oil with some water in the painful ear.

     7. Cleans the Skin and Hair

You can fight off fungal and bacterial skin infections by applying a small amount of bitter almond oil. It also prevents UV damage. Make sure you warm it to body temperature before you use it.

8. Promotes Urination

It has powerful diuretic properties which promote frequent urination and remove toxins through the urine and sweat, lower blood sugar, and relax the body.