3 Facebook Comment Secrets That You Didn’t Know

Yet, Facebook introduced three new features.

Have you noticed some strange things happening when you post something, like confetti and balloons popping up all over the screen, thumbs up, or several hearts?

Such miracles often happen when you comment too, so here are their meanings:

1 Thumps up

Just type Rad and you will see multiple thumbs up on the screen.

2 Confetti and Balloons

These appear when you type ‘Congrats’ as a status or comment, and it is believed that if they are pink or blue, they mean that you are expecting a baby and the color indicates the gender of the baby.

Yellow balloons mean that you are not pregnant, but you can always try to change that!

3 Hearts

If you send an XOXO message, the screen will be filled with hearts in different sizes. Lovely, isn’t it?

What a fun!

Source: goodhealthtalk.com