20 Rules of Life A Japanese Samurai Wrote Almost 400 Years Ago That Will Change You

According to a Japanese Buddhist, there are 20 rules every person should obey to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.

Miyamoto Musashi wrote a list of the main rules he lived by. He was a skillful swordsman born in the 16th century whose teachings are still studied today, but most importantly, his rules for life are incredibly inspirational.

Life Happens

To preserve your mental health, you must accept the life you have. You should accept stress, anxiety, and despair as natural parts of a person’s life, and by doing so, you will become a stronger person.

Do Not Abandon Any Obsession To Achieve Pleasure

People waste a lot of time chasing down pleasure including food cravings, going after promotions and raises, and becoming obsessed with sexual pleasure. Musashi said people should aspire to live life in the moment and enjoy pleasure when it comes to us rather than aiming for it.

Do Not Act On An Impulsive Emotion

When it comes to following your heart, Musashi had a different idea. He said when a person is experiencing a feeling that comes from nowhere, following its path can lead to bad decisions. You should stick with what you know, and don’t give way to impulse.

Stop Obsessing With Yourself

As people, it is natural for us to be self-obsessed. Nowadays, rather than focusing on things that matter, we are concentrated on online presence, taking a perfect picture of ourselves and striving for perfection.

To have a better understanding of what is important, you should separate from yourself and your ego.

Never Allow Jealousy To Rule Your Life

Musashi said to leave jealousy out of your daily life and advised never to be jealous of others. He encouraged to be grateful for what you yourself have.

Abandon Attachment To Desire

Desire only makes us want things we may never get. Musashi’s idea is pretty simple, you must live not wanting more than you have, and wait for the universe to take care of the rest.

Accept Your Mistakes

It is pointless to live your life in regret, fearing what else might be in the cards for you. As Musashi likes to say, our life is predestined, so worrying about the coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’ moments, will amount to no good.

Let Go

Parting ways with people who meant the world to you can seem a little depressing for anyone. However, it is during these times that we have to accept that life moves on and so should we.

No Complaining

Although it is a human tactic to complain whenever things go wrong, Musashi advises that we must learn to grow a thicker skin.

No Room for Lust

There are far more important values in life than the sexual energy that surrounds us as humans. Therefore, Musashi likes to comment that being in a healthy, loving relationship is the way to do it.

Plan B

Never close any open doors. Life is pretty random, so you truly don’t know where it will take you or where you will end up. Options are better than no options.

Don’t Submit To Society

Even though having nice things is always comforting, there is nothing like preserving the true values in life, including love, health, and wellbeing.

Feel Happy With Less

In today’s society it is pretty common for people to be judged on appearances on reputation. However, as high-quality life is concerned, having less makes you more fulfilled as a person.


Again, the simpler your life looks, the better quality of living you will acquire. Material things come and go, but the true essence in life remains in the solid relationships you build.

Do Not Be Gullible

Trust your intuition first, and form there on you will know when you are being lied to and how to eliminate pests from your life.

A person with his own ideas is a strong person- never forget that.

Keep The Faith But Not Blindly

Although religion is a form of comfort for many, the gods are not responsible for the way you live your life. Dare to be brave and you are halfway there already.

Make Peace With Death

There is no point in fearing death. In such way, you allow negativity to come into your life and take over your emotions and future plans. Make sure to keep your days busy and memorable, without fearing that death may be just around the corner.

Farewell To Arms

Musashi may have been a sword virtuoso, but he only used it when absolutely necessary. Moral of the story is, weapons don’t influence people well, so keep them locked up and safe from everyone’s reach.

Don’t Count Your Fortune

Settling yourself up for success means you never have to worry about money in your old age. However, possessions are not what makes the man a man. Happiness stems from other places, such as love, acceptance, giving and haring.

Honor First

Never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough to do or be something. Musashi points out that if you stick to your true self, all pieces of the puzzle will put themselves in order.

What stroke you as the most valuable piece of advice that Musashi offered?

Source: www.peacequarters.com