10 Warning Signs That You’re Dealing With a Black-Hearted Person!

We live in a society generally appreciative of negativity and everything revolving around it.

As sad as it may sound, this way of living is actively happening and you need to start taking names. The reason for this is because we are largely exposed to hatred, jealousy, envy, vengeance and other similar states of mind, which impair the overall quality of life.

To learn more about the people around you, and how they affect your everyday life, read the top 10 signs that will show you how to detect the presence of a toxic person:

Manipulative tendencies

Toxic people tend to keep people from being satisfied by tricking them into believing things that aren’t true. The first time you spot a lie, a hack or a cheap trick, know this person needs to be removed from your life.

Secretive about relevant information

People who affect others in a negative way tend to withhold information about their future plans. This is usually so because it allows them the freedom to continue to be manipulative with others. We say no to that!

No guilt whatsoever

Toxic people do not know the feeling of guilt. Wrong, they do know it but never consider they should be feeling as such. This gives them the rare ability to hurt people around them, which should definitely make you think twice.

No time manners

These people are generally toxic because they like it so. This means their time and problems mean nothing, while their issues are the most important. And here you will find yourself stuck in a blame-game, while you are not the culprit for it.

Double standards

Not just double standards, toxic people can lead whole double lives. With no firm friends or relationships in sight, these bitter individuals won’t have a problem to leave you if a better opportunity comes up.


While white lies are somewhat acceptable, toxic people are psychotic liars.  What is worse, you could be setting yourself up for failure if you fall for one of their cheap shots. Be wiser and choose who you make friends with well.

Superiority first

Usually, toxic people like to think of themselves as decision-makers and group leaders. However, it is only in your power how much you are willing to give, in order to receive very little in return. Do not give these entities the satisfaction of keeping you under control.

You owe them

People surrounded by negativity are certain that you will be forever in their debt, sue to the fact that they were ‘there for you’ on so many occasions.

Take a step back and recognize the problem. Once you do that, eliminate all people who behave in this way and start living the positive life you deserve.

They are convinced they’re right

As much as you try to debate it, toxic people will always make themselves the victims, while leaving you not only out in the dry, but feeling guilty as well. Try to smarten up here, and never allow yourself to fall for one of their conspiracy games.

Source: mindwaft.com